Monday, June 21, 2010

Phong.. 8================D~~~~~ (.Y.)

PhOng DURong ping Pong loves Ding DONG!!!
The Newest member to Justin and i's FAmilia... WE love him more than you

Thursday, June 10, 2010

HELL PASO!!!!!!!!!!

ALrighty!!! here we go! okay so we ALLLL met up urdy early in the morning and all pretty stoked to just get the hell out of albuquerque!!! we had no idea what to expect but we were hyped and it was fun! we definitaly didnt get what we expected haha DAY 1
oh GAWSH!!!! GAred (hates his life) was the only one that jumped on this beauty. i think he fell really hard though haha which bummed the rest of his trip out .GERD= softboy
while we were out there we met up with some el paso fools and these guys ripped so hard!!! i didnt know good things came out of shit places
im gay..... i really am (with justin)

d@ Ro@D to T3X@$$$$$$
JUSTIN you are the DefINItion of a HOMOsexual! you emo GURL!!! JKHJKJKJKJKJKJKJK YOUr soooooOOOO COool JUSTIN!!!!!!! jkjk this photos ight.. shit i guess

this photos a little ironic, you may think this pictures very important (because justin thinks everything HE takes a photo of is @rt) but it AINT! we honestly didnt run into any cops and barley saw any
(before he hated his life) GAWEDDDD!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH your crazy
now he hates it uummmuhmmmm definitaly
COOOOL jusTIN! swigggGGALly lights!!! fuckin genius!!!!!!!!
Oh shit PalMTR33 was getting a little craZy! he was rippin the FUck out of everything!!!! i think some kids even wanted his autograph!!! but it sucks, he got super sick and my grandma had to bring him back to life! it was some crazy shit.. (SIck clip on its way)
dont sTOP!!!!!! ah you suck
JD tigerBALM killed everything!!! nd !$ PRO at showing M3 how shit is sapposed to be done
oh yeah!!! i was there too
i love MEN
J.D. obviously loves the other side!!
GAREd (wore his nice shirt that day)
YES.... there everywhere
OMG!!!!! we MUSt go oback!!! this was a little to good to be true... everyone got a banger on this shit
DAYUM!!!!! Alex was the chillest on on the trip!!! we all ove him he gets all of us SSOOOO hyped!!! YAY
OH fuck
even though he's weird..... he is human
OOOOOOWWWWWWWWEEEEEE he got fucked on that one
DAYUm handrails everywhere!!!!
TURNTURN!!!!!!! ripped the whole trip
Blue EYEd Devil fuckin was rippin when we got there!!!!! Nollie 5-0ig NBD (no big deal)
ME! watching a movie!!! on JUSTINS I(indie)MAC
thats right, do it all night.
nick was being a fuck NUT!!!!!!!!!!!! t@nks fer DRiVinGs u$$$$!!!
i got mad at Justin for being so artsy that i picked this car in in the sketchy ass town and through the wall

while in TorC: Gared was harased by some red neck and was told not to piss on some dudes car.. wierd
while in TorC: 2 FRAJOS after justin while justin was getting his INDIE on some guy got super mad at him and threatened to shuv justin's camera up his little white ass!!!!! haha its good to be home!! WE love EP but D@ 500H!5 we definitaly would rather be in

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Iymmmz so sorrrry:( more posts will be occuring from now on.

COPIES!!!!!! theres still plenty left, contact jackson and buy one, or buy one at your local BOOARroomMMM
MIke the HobbiT has a good/bad habit of landing tricks then eating major shit right after
Captiiin Motherflucking COOOOOOWWWW!!!!
JDUB and Machone got that brotherly love thaaang going on, no homo
Chyeaaaah San Fran, coolest dude i know from cali
take your computer to a got damn mirror
Cole (ponyboy) barber! we need to skate again mother =bugger
REanactment through photoshop: JD: i hate fuddddge for no reason Zach: AAAAAh leave me alone meany head!!
My garage is doper than nothing!!!
If i was a girl, id be fat.....and emo.......and lonely.....and not so attractive. oh well:)
I guess all the youngsters nowadays do picturgraphs like these!!!
$$$$$$ FuggEEE iz dAAA k000Les Kayt on Da BLokkkkkkk $$$$$$
Ricky fox gets down on below zero degree crokkiesssss!
I steeeell want to skate theees got damn pooool, who down???!!!!!!!
Tom rolling on dem 24s yadameaaaaaan, rolling mad fat
MR. Gaaas Monneeey is losing his lunch suppliers everyday, still gots jackson on a deathhold though hhahhaah
CHyeeaaah Adriaannnooo, The Buttt Raggging Baffoooooon, gets himseeelf his 1st handraiilll, truck statusssss:DDDDDDD
Tom eating shit
I guessss when i get to drinking my eyes start to crosssssssss
SSAAntaaaaa FFFeee, has more homos per capita than like San Francisco
Hmmm i could be a lot of animals, worm, Beaver, ostrich, worm
AAAAH adreeeaaan es soooo cuttttteee <3
Jackkkssson gets more and more artsiiiiiii RRR everyday
Futuristic TVVVV, fight club and shiaaat
Justt summm artsy shitttt
COollle is a straight roman, battling the spartan rail...
Brian duznt give a fukkkkkkkk
FEeebs 180 by the El paso Bandito himself, the same day he broke his ankle
Rock n Rollll, Indian schooool mutherfluckkkerzzz:) again sorry for the long overdued wait, im lazy assss fuck