Wednesday, January 27, 2010

random, unused photos post part 2

walmart stocking up on darkstar motherfugger
tom getting down on planet pandora
Jd after a few games of bp and kings cup haha
his face was stuck like that the whole night
liu doing his giraffe shyyyyt d00d
im not really sure what justin was pointing at but it seems important
jacksons sad i stole his angle:(
jd always complaining i dont put cool pictures of him
eddys brown ass ASS, nick getting the hell away
jd inhaling that cancer smoke
cole strung out on love
just a wack ass melon by some wack ass fool
firecracker down the pema 3, i think it was first try
im not sure what was up there but it sure was interesting
i dont know, attempt at being artsy
tom is the ruler of all car washs
5050 on the funnest box ever, i hear its broken now

Monday, January 18, 2010


Untitled from Jackson Glasgow on Vimeo.

WHAT!! SKYLER?! lurk of.... haha fuck no! (yes he's still alive!)
Ryan long spotting at unm..
haha i personally wasn't there but i heard some bustin was going down haha mike and bigJ killin?
shit i guess haha mike fucken destroyed all weekend

nick had no idea cody was checkin his ass out so hard! (damn)
i was chillin in the car but i guess some dude didnt want to pay for parking so he blocked all of our cars haha TOM was the only one that had trouble getting out haha (Lurk Of The Day)

Justin and Jackson fighting over angles and shit haha

Some Fag.. keep on scrolling haha

HOBBIT DOWN!!! someone roll him a spliff

hobbit bruce lee haha mike kills
this shits really fucking tall... damn
artsy fartsy did he fall? hahhahahaha
hardflip back 180 stone cold steve austin
oh shit finally! (mr. gas money)
haha what the?.. you have freckles!
i think this counts as rape?
jumping bean haha + gay= gayyyy
haha i was actually here this time haha so we decided at the last second to hit up monroe and we got there and everything was really dark haha so we just fucked around and slid through the ice and junk and derek at sshhhhit! haha
oh yeah he also jump over fudge pack
but fudge approved!
alright so the next day (today) we all met up at cibs for some pre shread rituals and headed out to some manny spot.. everyone pressured justin to take pictures but he insisted everyone was gay and it wasnt worth it.. haha after we hit up BUCca di beppo and everyone got down.. finally we convinced justin to take some photos and this is what that nigga got.. NICK?? ts
fuck this one was so sick to watch! derek seriously blows minds!
and cock! haha lol jk <3 (yes im gay)
PALMTREE was there and bustin ass to!
fuckin BRIONtheLION came along today to shred with us! this niggas dope!!
is going to kill you.. nick hha
big J got down as well all weekend this fool wrecked shit up!

BTL killin!!