Monday, March 29, 2010


This is in no way making fun of hush riot, i just think its funny! Watch out for Captain cows, i mean thomas dunlays, amazing tricks in the friends section in NOTHING SPECIAL!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nutttin Speshal updayt

The filming is over! a long, almost a year of nothing special all for jackson to edit:)
and theres some pictures over like a months time i took with my cell phone to go with the vid.
Tom and his shItty ass rolly, jack doesnt even smoke and hes laughing!
I tried to zoom in on his face but it was blurry hehae. Those rail hops are craaazy in person
Gerad is starting a joy division cover band, he needs members and chiiit
hmmm adrian did something, and mike did too. but mike did land to faceplant like twice in one fall haha
Motherfucking captain coooooow
This shirt is perfect for tom, he bought it too for 3 whole buccks. hasnt worn it since, bitch ass!
This d00d made a kinda gay griptape into a magical grip job. signed it and urrthang. too bad the cops ended up stealing it from tom.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SANTA fe TRIP holmes

So 6 months ago the plan was to go to phoenix for spring break about 2 weeks ago it turned into el paso then nothing, FUCK IT lets go to santa fe. Shit was so tight, skate the gnarliest skateparks with the coolest locals, then went to santa fe high school then went home, which is cibola!
Yeah jackson is always the first picture, because hes the fucking dopppest! BABY INDIAN
My nickname dubbed by gerad is big dick hairy man, i guess i like it:]
His nickname is H3@D H0NCH0!!!! hes so stoked to be on the road trip
YOU jackson casey looking, red light running, ladies man SCHMUCK!
Just some random passerby landscape artsy farsty stuuffsss
This is maaa niggga ELROY! liu yo going to look like this man one day
Mad ass bums in santa fe, but anything helps so says this guy!
First stop: downtown park and adrian starts the ghetto sesh off with a front fiveerrr
I swear this park was built in the 70s, jacksonian puts money downn on it!!!!
CHOO know ebk till the day i die, nose stall revssss furrrlifeeeee
DAMN STEE DAMN STEE DAMN STEE gerad front 50s beautifully
TAILSLIDE holmes by my favorite sk8er adrian meza hehehe:]
Thats how we doooo, single filed line bitches!
Gerad was bugging us so we turned him into a lego keychain, thatll teach his ass!!!>:]
Then went to a even ghettoer park but was the sickest shit ive been to in awhile! graffiti everywhere, gnarly ass transition, and everything skated to the core!
Nick getting his drop in ooooon! yo kenny anderson faaaawk
This is about as artsy as adrian will let himself be apart of, adrian was digging this park!
DAAAMN the locals were fucking killing it, no joke i give them mad respect for being able to rip that park
Mike on the other hand put this parl on lockdown, i think he gained everyones respect, mike fucking kills it!!!!!! get with it or get out haha
Gerads right! this would be a sick picture without the lurks in the back
Adrian shuold have his name changed to schmitty cause these THANGS are stee as fucccck
adrian can crook up this shit no problem
But gerad can do it through poles:) daaaamn though, gerad fell at one point and got the air knowcked out of him, so craasssssy
JACKSON skates SO creative I swear! pretty cool home made es stencil hahaha
Brief jerk sessions are always a must with adrian on middle name meza:)
Oh yeah jackson can back 5-0 back 180 out this shit no problem too, to fucking good for only being in 9th grade
mike showing his CALVARY through diiisss early grabbbb melon. rep dat JESSSUS, actually nah SAAAAATTTAAAAAN MOTHER FUGGGERS:}
God the littlest guy was going so biiig, some benihana shit first try!
i dont even know what you call this grab, a japan maybe??? but it was fucking tight!
oh and mike back 180 the craziest pyramid ive seeen probably ever. The whole skatepark went nuts when he landed this haha
Theres me standing all awkward! playing some skate waiting for the cool ass black security guard who told us to wait 30 minutes for him to leave so we could skate the high school. fact: black people are the coolest security guards
Just a 5050 180 out on the out ledge, shit was definitely intimidating though, all a mind game though
Myself being all hyphy and shit, adrian is the best photographer i know:)
Tom was the first person to step to this shit, niggggga just went for IT. THOMAS ass CAPTAIN COW!!!!!!!!!
LOOK AT adrian getting all artsy on my camera, shit got so sticky towards the end of the sesh, just mad chucks to the bottom. the ledge was probably about 6 feet tall, maybe a little less
You only see these types of sunsets in new mexico, ganked on jackons fooooty. overall today was a success. ill probably remember it for quite awhile:]

ALMOST ready(dinsoaur jr:))

so before the santa fe trip post im gonna post the day before!!! just some skatepark seshing and some bankish.
Jackonian being all manstee with a film burn
Toms daaaa shit maayne, hes got his own silhouette
Adrian says fuck lurksssss!
BUUURLY hanging on to that back 50, found a tiight bank spot
thomas duntttlay straight up ollie into lip then to bank, no ruuvurts for dis nigga
Eating shit and learning slappys is what spring break is about!!!
gewwad all creepy and stuff, using his amazing method for everyones pleasure
BUDDDS for LIFFFFFEEEE, fuck carls jr haha
dissss maan ruined our fun at the tennis court benches, not a damn thing was filmed
shiaat was to loco for adrian eh, adrian rolled into some stairs cause he thought it was bank, too funnny
mIkE hAd No PrObLeM gEtTiNg OvEr DaT sHiAaAaT!!!!!
Fudge wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream of butt breaking a board, got it fifth try!
this is what he looked like seconds before, (zoomed in)
I dont even have to advertise ladies to get him anymoooo hes getting a number a day, hes the next pickup artist fo reaaal!
We found a fucking melted ass rabbit by a wet ditch that we could not skate, daaaamn
3 white mofuggggguhs and a mexican, tanning for no reason at all!!!! GET BUCCCCK