Friday, April 30, 2010

MaGikk SpeLLzzzZ!!!, skate abq is like everyman, but we put more useless posts, worse skating, colored photos, badder grammer, and less death metal.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

can you take me higher...

I'm so HAWT! fuck you!

hey jd! isnt dat yer hat!!!?
Geeeeeerad is sooooo cool!!! he like smokes cigarettes and takes pictures of me and stuff... and like... hes actually just weird haha

$4N FrAnnz my Cuttin as Shoulder Tappin Nigggazzz
jarOD likes da bIg Coccckz

i suck dick

Bananananannaz nut stud muffinz

this was actually bad as fuck!!! hit up some spot and found a ramp some beaners built.. you'll see

pork-u-pine looking azzz hobbbit

SEE!!!!! gared landed one because he's the coolest

Da flyin hobbit from mordORRR

T.J. MAxx is a sick skateboarder

jerstin!!! your sooo gay!!! but i love you

what!? joy divisions in town?? and giving free high fives??!!!

LOVE IS REAL, New single By Jd Palmer
N'Sync aint got shit on this NIG!!

GUCCI mayne with grreeeeen boogers

COLE!!! he's been coing out alot!! and as you can tell, rippin the fuck outta errrthang

GUCCI and ian curtis... siiiiiiick

Max lives the American Spirit life!
cr0tCH angles
Smoke a bluntSLIde, to fakie of course
Five ooodles and oodles of o's ya know, i get it from my sister i gets it from my bros
Slash looking fuckaaah!
MotherFUCKing Fudge, sorry we stolez yo papers:D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SOrry jusssssin

FUck you like my new motorcycle!!! yup brian waass alll over this spot

he was the first one to man up and jump on this shit!!!! so inspiring.. fuck BLT Veeeeegas
Peep dis shiat, puttin in work hah

JACKSON!! (his idol) HELP ME!!! your mom would be disapointed..

Cave man blunt!!!

fag.. only clip i got

COLE!! he fuckin actually came out with us!! (brought his girlfriend though but fuck it) so stoked. he killed it

PALMate!!! fact: Palmtree has the biggest ollie in new mexico

JACKSEEEN!!!! has a girlfriend!

pony boy was over it

what the fuck did i TELL you!! damn

haha im so gaY. justins the best at choosing the worst pictures of everyone haha thanks duuuude!!!

justin!!! only fat emo girls take photos of animals and call it photography!

Geuwed hey baby!! american spirt bitch!
haha WHAT! J.D. PAlmagranit got a new hat!!!???
thanks to nicholas!!!! ahhhh ooooohh you two are tooooooo gay!