Monday, July 26, 2010

the damage done!/1

Relaxing on a g00d day, my shoezz gerad, my shoez:)
I'm not gay for taking pictures of so many guys asses, theyre showing me haha
Cole was really missing Hayleeen that day. COLES a KILLER klown from outer space:D

misssssssssss UUUUUUUUUUU:)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

lAzY weeKDayyys.

justin.. makin the move to longboards! yessss bout time!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

grease wizards eating street trash love berries that burn, side 8

HHHUUUUUURRRR!!!!! :D picture this --->8==D going into his mouth :)
space justin??? gosh so gaay.. come on!!! haha makes me look tall though
pretty much the hottest new trend!
nice one!!!! this is what toms brain looks like.. see through!!!! :D
we know tom!! your from pittsburg!!
yesssss!!! FLURKS OF DUH DAY!!!!!
fudges is gay but justins cool!!!!! :D go justin!!!! not
what!!!!! sick ass spot is what this looks like! front 180
some one show him how to tie his shoes
no brain tom :)
jackson's virginity leaving his body!!! justin!!
he can bennehanah anything :)
cole has the hairyest ass i've ever seen :)
this is wat girls do when they see it :)
he's a man now... oooooooooooooooOOOOOoooo
man i miss the vx..
fuck yeah!!!! alex kills!! always a pleasure seeing this guy skate!

stone cold steve austin.. leave him alone!! who cares if he crys!!! he's still a baby

HmmMMmm fuck!

Justin and GerRy like wearing Adidas! and sitting on stairs that go to nothing... artsy!
GUtherIe... likes stealing hats..

100th POST!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

ChiCos T@cOs (el paso memory)

BesT TACOS you've Prabably never had... Justins Quer

PhoUNG And ME GeTttTTTin W3iRd!

so ive decided to start posting random photos from my phone...because justin takes to long and keeps everyone waiting for the mega ones :) enjoy., more to come!!

J.D... cockblock

sail.. check his blog! siiiiiiick!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Disregard that last posts title, THIS IS THE BEST BLOGSPOT IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!

NICKy POOHHH :D we all miss ya bud! especially j.d. and i, he's got some major female problems and i, well i just miss your damn RIDES!!! no one else misses you though...
JAKIE POOOH :D okay 6 bucks says Zachary Fudge is gonna order a pair of converse 3d shades only because jack did haha

if you look real close (behind all the art) you'll be able to see mr. garcia and his new hurcut! still rips harder than you fart :)

Ricky foX SPOT!!! tom was real sad when we found it was skate stopped

as you can see in this second angle... tom went to london and came back gay :)
hahaFEKKKK yeah!!! missed these ! we need to quit slackin!


JACKIE poop love his MODEST MOUSE SHIRT!!! to bad he's taking it off :/ thanks kid in the back!!

im so bored

WHAT! there was a way better one of this trick but justin always makes people sad by posting the worst ones of everyone

Bong's 100% part of our family now :) we've made it official

fuck you

GERRY!!! :D favorite person to pretend i hate

also the scariest person to watch skate because he likes to slam his face on front shuvs. SICK!


COlEn loves Haylee and LUUUUVS cowboy hats!

Bitccch niggga iz trying to jack my whip. fuccccck dat shittt! -justin
(sail's is bettter than everyones)

thhis is what huffin paint looks like! ARTSY!! actually really sick though :)

p-rod kickfliped it

nollie flip 5-0 switch crook kick flip out.. clean

This was SOOO sick Jerry! wish you woulda got it!!! but we were ALMOST late to modest mouse for this :D anything for jerry

modest mouse shirt again

pretty musch sums up how gay i am :)

fuck you :)