Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Built To Spill

If you havent heard of Built to Spill i recommend you check them out NOW!! They're a perfect sound of indie. Every song they played adrian, nick, jackson, and i were bopping our heads cause their live performance was overwhelming. look them up....IN THE MORNING...FEELING HALF RIGHT!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturdays with Patricks camera

yeah okay MEGA MEga post shits dope.. these are just some pictures from saturday.. chillin with the boys and getting our skate on haha we had a great time

BLUE STEEL!!!!!!! haha toms unepic FAIL!

first spot of the day: BOeRROOOOm haha boardrooms the shit! everyone met up here to start the long day ahead.. we chilled and watched the extreamly sorrrry! its so damn good

gearing up to get motha fuckin down fool..

this is our home! support!!

our first spot of the day kind of occured randomly. this thing haha some warm up ha!

shit ate me up

LURKS OF THE DAY!!!! homos

BUM OF THE DAY!!! patricks the man at capturing this kind of shit

so after the long but fun drive we finally arived to the spot.. these things haha

justin right away found his angle and got down with the pics haha

so we got to the spot in the first car which included myself, tom, jack, justin, and patty and right away we went to the rails, like 30 minutes later JD calls, he was in the 2nd car (JD, nick, jojo, and nigga king) that was sapposed to be following us and asks where we were haha they finally found the spot (thanks to my directions) and as soon as they got there the popo rolled up... damn

some fag trying some shit haha

got worked.. like always haha

double boot in one day.. damn we were outta there

JO rey litteraly rolled up once and was mad bummed when he heard the news.. damn next weekend jo next weekend

After the spot we hit taco bell and decided a night sesh at cibola would be down so we headed on over, JDP! (mr. y control) with this high ass ollie that almost made me shit myself haha

this is compleatly fake but it made a cool looking picture haha!

LOUIE with hit monster front side lords of dog town power slide

(flannel # 53)

after our cibs sesh LIU and i performed our last bit of shinanigans and headed out

tom white ass motha fuckin duntlay was waiting for us at this hot mobile (5 bucks to get in that thing) as we rolled up standing in this position haha a sick photo shoot occurd after this one

Pat the hawiian gets all the ladys (half fat) haha

THE WHITE MAN (mr. gas money) AND THE BLACK MAN (nigga king) UNITE!!!!!!

(moment in history)

after that shit started getting a little hecktic.. no homo.. for realz bitches haha

seeing that patrick can knock you the fuck out he was definitaly strong enough to throw 30 pound justin on his back

epic ass grouup photo! thats a little group of the homies

art of the day! work located on the mega ramp at cibola

Saturday, October 24, 2009


today was sick!! Justin and i got down with the new bolg were starting up.. its gonna be sick!! today was pretty much a mega post but we really didnt post anything about our daily adventure.. so!! tomorrow im wakin up super early to do another mega post.. check the vids and pictures we posted today.. COME BACK TOMORROW BITCHES!!! I LOVE YOU

filmed and edited by zachary fudge(the fudgster) adrian mezontage

Adrian Meza from Zach Fudge on Vimeo.

Justin: "Elvis was a hero to most but never meant shit to me you see, straight up racist and plain mother fucker him and john wayne" public enemy haha

Filmed and edited by Jackson Glasgow. This video is straight money!

River's Edge Minitage from Jackson Glasgow on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by Jackson Glasgow the boy film wonder

Wednesdays with Jackson 2 from Jackson Glasgow on Vimeo.

flilmed and edited by Jackson Glasgow the best filmer in New mexico that isnt old enough to play lottery or buy cigaretes

Wednesdays with Jackson from Jackson Glasgow on Vimeo.

Justin: jo jo jorey the modest spitalian pulling a front board on a nipple high rail hahaha

dub-angle bitch!!!

Justin: "I'm the NIGGA KING i can steal anything!!!" nigga king aka Liu seong omar trujillo di'ningrat

Justin: "your a mommas boy mommas boy" lol, ladies this blue eyed devil is single and is looking for some satisfaction lol

some weird dude haha shit went down, boke myself off on this thang

our actual day will be posted.. so much fun

sooon!!! daniel lutheran bak 180d this shit!!! you've seen it shiiiit haha damn hes to good

a little hint of myself gets throwin in

new spot, probably one of the sickest spots ive ever been to, super hard to skate but still really fun. the big ass blur makes it art bitch! haha Photo by Justin Brook

a mother and her cub haha

picture by Brooklyn asss justin haha

LIU!!!!!!! NIGGA KING! ma boi! epicness

flannel #52.. not sure whaat this represents but its mad artsy
lius the shit!

TOM (motha fuckin white ass) DUNTTTLY gettin down!!!

MR. gas money, showin that ten foot high rail whats up
photo by: Justin (brooklyn) Guthmergie

Friday, October 23, 2009

Patrick and I skate P-dice (due to ride complecations haha)

So, i had no co-pay for tom so we had no ride haha so pat and i went on a little date to the skatepark right by my house (pat pulled me on his motor bike) . pretty fun, kicked his ass at skate and ate shit like 20 times haha all good though more fun times

Pat got down with the mega ramp high backside flip


my dad showed up!.. by compleate accident haha small world

FOTHER MUCKERS!!!! fhsp, fhsp!


look at that bitch!!! haha that be me

hit the taco bell spot to conclude the day

pat lurkin hard on that chicks ANUS