Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mega post!!

Started the day at p-dice cause we had to wait for adrians ass to get in town, but tom and jackson made the time worthy.
Jackson pulling front boards first five minutes
He can deny it all he wants, theres some asian in him haha
Tom the fucking shmuck 5o's the hubbba
Ladies im telling you, hes single, hes the blue eyed devil youve been waiting for! haha
This might be the only picture where you see jackson smile,
anyways we left picked up adrian then ricky then we went to the first spot of the dayyJdizzle eating some carls jr, he requested this picture
Kenny G String nosegrind something out, check it in the friends section in "nothing special"
Some random lurks...lurking, nah tom, adrian and nick kicking back
Next spot was some random ass apartments, it was cold as fuck, adrian knows
Alex coming up with a loong 50-50, he did something crazy after, your just going to have to wait till february to see it:)
LURK OF THE DAY, he was cool but still LURK
Sorry but youll never know where this is, and if you do, dont leak it, alex crooooked

Jd, kenny, and ricky keeping it real!
random fact:"the mexican hat" dance is the official dance of mexico
random fact about adrian: he has no middle name, even on his birth certificate
Kenny has got mad fucking pop, photo:adrian meza

Brian Jackson nose bonks a nipple high trash can, adrian meza,,,,

overall it was a good weekend for everyone, watch out for jacksons promo coming out some for nothing special

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adrian is in beanerville(el paso) right now so im gonna take over while hes gone and fill you in with some tight skateboard photos and just some other random ones along the way.
First spot, blue uprails...Ricky Fox overcrook pop outs
JD palmtree feebles basically half of the whole uprail to pop out
JDub rock n rolls the thigh high wall at oasis
Hes coming back for that trick(Jacksons angle haha)
Jackson casey, i mean glasgow the filmer
Went to a philly spot next, tighest rigger spot ive ever been to

Photography and filming Jackson GlassGO, gold for the honeys green for the money

Skatepark fridays

It was on of those days where you just get out on a late start and thanks to daylight savings you have to get all your street skating in by around 5, its 4, so you resort to your local skateparks. First cibbs, then new park, then back to cibbs.
Alex Garcia just loves dem kickflip front boards
Nick ledge hops the ledge steezily
Josh the faackin new yoorker
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BaByY W@d3 r3Pp1nG 1T!!!!
5-0 by nickleass fohjuddd
Back smithers on the 5 rail by ALEX

Portait of lil mama

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesdays with homies

Adrian my el paso beaner holdin it down with them back feebs!!
Cold chillin at some ditch in coralles
And I just think this "picture" is amazing haha

I dont know i just thought this natural dread of weeds and garbage was pretty cool

ALSO when jackson gets final cut watch out for some random tages and promos for his new video coming out sometime in february Nothing Special!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Aint no half stepping haha

Westerfellas was at the end of the night but was definitely good, try and find ryan long to buy a copy if your interested.
Second album cover, same spot, different people, more hyph!!!

Tom being tom haha
Lurk of the day!!!!!!!
You kno how adrian do, mobbing it at wendys

Lius getting silly wit dem leaves this time around


The many faces of Liu Seong Omar Trujillo Di Ningrat

cool fact of the day: a kool or a newport is pimp stick bitches
Liu loves dem back alley flowas

Bustin nuts on silver rails with a cupcake on his head haha

Liu being a suave ass mother fucker

Fucking staring contests against liu is impossible to win even if you blind

keeping it rail with cash register on his neck, it dont get any more thug life than that