Sunday, February 28, 2010

pattys corner

Finally everybody is coming out of their skate hibernation's and the park is free of ice and snow, thanks to all the locals. the snake run had roughly 6-7 inches of solid ice in all the pockets, took forever to chip it all out with a pole and use trash can and a long board to get it out of the bottom. but it all pays off when you can finally shred everything with good weather.

i moved to asscrack new Mexico

on the road to Navajo damn, had to get a picture of the sun set

lurk of the day! little fat kid with boy boobs on a scooter

getn some frontside feeble action in the deep end of the swimming pool

front tail slide in the tight ass pocket. only a few people really skate this thing though cause of the brick coping on top

getting gnar on the waterfall with a big Ollie fakie
thrasher dog! Cletus skates with us all day too. he jumps in the pool and runs around the pocket and jumps out.
Evan getting a backside slash on the mega over vert
randskees front side air the bowl

garret was going balls out even though odds were he wouldn't land it, props haha

getting a tail slide on the hip, careful that thing can get you mad flat spots

on the way to Navajo dam with everything still half frozen. good sun set that night

some crank thing at the marina

this is probably my favorite one from today, i found good lighting by pure luck

not too shabby, green lights are kinda rare i just noticed.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rocky DAY!!!

SHSSSHHHIIIIT! J.D. performing for us as we just killed time waiting for the premire
BLT doin them balerina tricks and shit
All i see is a black hand on jackson and fudges arm trying to saves jack attacks LIFE!!! haha
Fuckin THREW this one out of no where fool! so good
BLT comes and saves the damn day haha
oh yeah, he fuckin busted shit up too
no makes??
thererererere we go!!! yay daniel FAGGOT
i got up after i fell and got an armpit to the face! nothing was landed by me... not a dayum thang
my board ran kept jerkin off too
oh shit son! were going back bitch
YOU TOO!!! queer
your going to die
oh shit, some pees at the spot were actually down with us skating there cool stair sets so we all helped them take weird ass shit out of there car haha lurked
HAHA tom of course broke it... yes he figured a way out to break a plant haha
books?? damn
Liuu was like fuck that shit!!! i aint no damn slave nigga
SHITTTT brians all over this shit
alright fool first try!! ima fuckin ollie over all dat shit! PORNO MONEY!!!
NO idea
hahaha black and white
UNM?? fuck
OH shit thats the fool that spends thousands of dollars on camera equipment huh?? damn you see that fuckin documentary he made??? so tight Scuba steve tought you right??
oh then this fucker...
oh shit sun!!! god sent tom this message
this is the face he makes when he sees an obese female walk by

Sunday, February 14, 2010


THAt aint no motha fuckin apple juice nigga!!!

Daniel Mcman speaks...
EYE of the
Hobbit!... should of seen this fool that night haha!
Whaaaa? edrwado craig LURKIN! ey beaner
Jackson was over the spot fool!!!! stackin clips!!! hung over
VATO fag
Daniels pretty damn good at that new skateboarding shit
tom ate fuckin shit!!! all weekend, but kissed a girl!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck it baby boi
OH yeah, bitches
fudge-weird, ASIAN,vx290000, dions, $$, Urban outfitters, homosexual,, to nice, ledges, ma nigga..... german???
justin loves that shit! smith on a handrail
PRE-toilet huggin
Palmtree with his nice shirts and shit
daniel and jd attacked the cameras
justin kills all the spots
JD elvis presly doin some dope shit
fart art
commin in hot babys! what happened with your chick?? i didnt even know that shit went down till the next day!
back 2back!!!?this is the face he makes when girls pass by
J-D BAY-B oh shit night number 2
you fellin good fool or what
thats my new television
HEY MIkE!!! yay
i like you butt becausee im a faggot.. what up jack! daniel likes footbal
Ah ~$$eVA MENDES$$~ and BriTTN@Y $pEER$ fool!!!