Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Elephants dogs and frogs

Today was a cold motherfucking day, met up with some homies downtown and filmed some tricks.
Ricky stuck but didnt land, switch 180 switch crook on the bum ledges
Tomas dunlay getting hyphy with a back tail hit camera out
LURK OF THE DAY, hah nah he was just walking by 
Tom took a picture of my busted ass face haha
Got one try at nollie big heel before we got kicked out
By this guy!!!!! actually he was cool about it, fyi go after 6 when they close
Found a half eaten pigeon downtown left by a lady from faces of meth.com haa
Ficky Rox Switch frontside flip into this pretty much unskated spot downtown. CLEAN
Something went down on this really sketch handrail(jacksons light is beautiful)
haha tom was driving but still took time to take funny pictures
You know how tom does, cats makes toms "booty tooty" 

Friday, December 25, 2009

Jacksons edit of the poster(picky bitch ahah)

Merry Christmas Bitches

So while everyone else was with their familys playing with there new wiis and nerf footballs, Adrian, nick, tom, jackson, and i went to some closed businesses to skate cause we have no families.

Our christmas tree, to bad it fell down and blocked the road.
We have decided officially to make a documentary on tom, on his efforts on becoming a ladies man haha. it might take awhile to finish. photo:adrian
Im standing on my board so awkward. Creds to adrian, the cripple:), stepping in to take photos
Damn adrian takes some sick pictures of my gay ollie
Got my camera back and took an epic b/w of St. Nicholas Back 180 by Nick Fojud, shit was SICK.
Torn ligaments cant keep this crazy beaner from killing it. Manual: Adrian Meza
A week after he ate shit and still looks gnarly as fuck, hell be skating next month to finish up his part for "nothing special"
Landed this for hot teachers and van halen...fucking broke myself for this rail hop. photo:adrian
Massive Fakie ollie by polish power, didnt quite land, he busted his ass
Literally! haha, second ass picture on the blog, were not fags, just coincidences ahah

My type of christmas song, none of that magic fm bullshit. ggggyeaah

Monday, December 21, 2009

We are the pirates that don't do anything

Purple haze all in my brain, lately things just dont seem the same
First spot of the official break, Jackson front board pops out
Tom really likes front board pop outs:)
Crook attempts at an old folks home, tom really fits in here with the aged people haha
had a little grass sesh, sorry i imported it all wrong and the quality sucks.
and i totally forgot what we did after that haha

so second day of the break met up with adrian, fudge, tom, zach, jackson, gerad, and myself to skate some bachinsky ditch
First spot of the day adrian battles it out and gets un clipo
Toms face says it all ahaha
You know how Machoad does, backside flips on natural hips t franz steez
Next spot was the infamous gap to rail, adrian sticks____ and goes to land but breaks his ankle
Literally the like the fourth person out in the past 2 months from an ankle injury. adrian cannot be stopper, 4 weeks tops hell be skating again.
This is a face of pain, stitches on the chin and now broken ankle,,, FUCK adrian
Daniels face, adrians mouth. thats some technology haha nah
It looks like gerad is behind gerad, but its jackson...and ill never get a true portrait of gerad:(
Hmm what we have here is some street pirates, a short tage of what these pirates do on a daily basis is in progress and will be out shortly. you say wierd, i say genius.
Fudge was literally out of his mind that day...i dont know why???? hahaha
This pretty much proves my case haha
Captain "Crack" Sparrow
Gettin hyphy with them front nose slappys!!!!
The real captain Jack. filmin for his mateys!!
so that night a little green apple saved our life and zach had extra fun at church. pretty productive day.
I like those on top of the roof angles for some reason, gerad with an ollie over a dubset
Jackson always on that phone making all the plans with the tons of people who want to skate
tip: if you want to skate all you have to do is call like by 10:00 and arrange to skate not just randomly ask. we want to skate with everyone:)

Next we met up with justin, mike, ricky, and his friend jeff to skate some valley high school, mike starts off the 3 stair sesh with a fakie flipper
So we got bored at valley and climbed some trees cause dats wat pirates do!!
Baby Austin looking like chameleon haha
God Damn hippies eating the god damn trees i use to breath haha
Literally a waist high ollie by Justin Turner...john cardiel steez
Fucking Gerad always talking to himself ahah
so after that we went to some elementary school, then everyone went home.
Josh is in a different state of mind from everyone else, thats a good thing haha. probably why he can feeble so god damn good!
HARDFLIP toooo......................................................
Rolled ankle, i think ankle injurys is the newest fad... you aint cool if you dont hurt your ankle haha

Stho next we meet up with fudge, cody, zach, anc his ninja cousin and he let us skate with his sheep at the pima ledges...got kicked out so we mobber it at buca di beppo.
Cody man gots some hops over the pirate sheep. piratetage coming out real soon:)
so after this my fucking camera died. rest of the day will be on the piratetage.